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Quantum Cybersecurity


Zero Trust Architecture Implementation


Cloud Security Enhancements


Cyber Range Development

Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence Lab 🔒

The emergence of the internet has no doubt enhance the way we live, work, socialize and transact business to a great extent but cyber criminals are taking un-due advantage of the opportunity created by the internet to lunch attack on netizens through the deployment of ransom ware, stalker wares, virus etc. As one of our cardinal focus area; we are poised to help law enforcement agents

Our Work in This Space

At TAC Africa, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what drones and counter-drones can achieve. Discover more of our intitatives, and stakeholders.

  • icon Ethical AI
  • icon Cybersecurity for Justice
  • icon Understanding the Dark Web
  • icon Policy and Strategy on Cyber Security
  • icon Research and Innovation in Policing
  • icon UNICRI
  • icon NAfrica Cyber Defense Forum (Kenya)
  • icon Cyber Peace Foundation (India)
  • icon Nigeria Flying Labs (Nigeria)
  • icon Garuda Robotics (Singapore)