Ongoing Projects in This Lab


FAA Drone Safety Day


AI-Driven Surveillance


Swarm Intelligence for Drones


Counter-Drone System Integration

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 💲

With the growing number of individuals using the internet for business transaction, meeting, learning, gaming etc. The need to have a shared database cannot be re-overemphasis. At TAC Africa we adopted Block chain & E- payment as one of our focus area to enable us and our partners research and develop a working blueprint.

Our Work in This Space

At TAC Africa, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what Blockchain Technology, and Cryptocurrency Discover more of our intitatives, and stakeholders.

  • icon Blockchain Regulation and Legal Issues
  • icon Blockchain Against Corruption
  • icon Practical Use of Blockchain Tokenomics
  • icon Crypto Currency Forensics
  • icon Blockchain Education And Research
  • icon Institute for Drone Technology
  • icon Blockchain Council
  • icon African Blockchain User Group
  • icon Cryptocurrency user council
  • icon Cryptocurrency Learning Infrastructure